Best Free eBay Auction Listing Designs.

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Improve your eBay listings and sell more items! If you are in the business of selling on eBay then you know how important a listing template is for sales. It is imperative. It ties in with your product and stimulates your customers visually.

This is our list of the best Free eBay auction templates offered on the web.

1. – Offers the best quality and largest selection of free listing auction templates.  Right now they offer over 600 + designs, a listing creator service, 16MB of image hosting and they offer a free eBay showcase. If you do not know much about HTML this site is for you. Just use the creator and copy and paste the template code. You can upgrade to a +PLUS account and get more features like listing directly to eBay, unlimited image hosting and schedule your listings. They also offer tutorials on how to use their service.

2. SuperAuctionTemplate50+ templates at this time. The designs on this site are very nice and simple. Copy and Paste Code.

3. ShareYourDesign They offer 25 templates at this time. Nice and simple designs. The designs are provided by users. Directions are provided on how to edit the design code. Copy and Paste Code.

4.  FreeBoutiqueTemplates  –  Just like the domain name they are mainly Boutique designs. They offer 50 designs at this time. They are cute designs for any boutique seller. They also offer some background images. Copy and Paste Code.

5. –  120 template designs at this time. They offer some very nice simple designs. Copy and Paste Code. Full instructions are provided on the website. Shipscript offers a lot of eBay guides that help improve your eBay listings.


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